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What is BTC Mines Game

Join in on the Mines fever with one of our most popular and beloved games! Inspired by the classic Minesweeper, Mines will simply reveal the gems and avoid the bombs to increase your payout multiplier.

Mines is a grid-based gambling game of chance developed by SLM.GAMES where players navigate the grid to reveal gems while avoiding bombs!

This Mines betting game is played on a 5x5 grid in which players can flip the tiles over to show either a gem or bomb. Revealing gems increases payout multipliers and allows players to continue playing - choosing to pick additional tiles, a random tile or cash out. Revealing a bomb ends the round with the wager lost.

With the freedom to adjust the number of mines, autobet and cash out at any point of the game, the gambling experience offered by Mines is second to none at any online casino !Mines Gameplay Players set their bet amount to play with during a round of Mines as well as the number of mines that exists in the field of play, ranging between 1-24. There are 25 tiles where gems and mines can be distributed. The gameplay resembles the beloved Minesweeper game, with the placement of mines and gems being random and betting mechanics included for any fiat, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Modifying the Number of Mines The number of mines set affects to multiplier paid out to players and controls the volatility of the gameplay. More mines in play lead to more opportunities for a round to end, but also leads to exciting gameplay and higher payouts.

The choice of setting the mines amount reflects the player's appetite for risk and the level of risk they are willing to burden in pursuit of profit and big payouts. Once the bet amount and number of mines have been set, players can click any number of tiles during the betting round to reveal their contents.

Hitting a mine will end the round. However, if a player continues to collect gems they can continue to play.Cashout or Keep Mining During the phase where players have collected gems and have not tripped any mines yet, the betting interface is modified and they are informed of the Profit on Next Tile and Total Profit in the current betting round. This helps players evaluate risk and best decide what is the best course of action - cash out winnings or keep going!

Dive into the excitement of Mines, our thrilling and fan-favorite game, taking inspiration from the classic Minesweeper. In Mines, your task is to unveil the hidden gems and steer clear of the bombs to boost your payout multiplier. Developed by SLM.GAMES, Mines is a captivating gambling game based on chance, played on a 5x5 grid. As players flip the tiles, they will either uncover a gem or a bomb.

Each gem discovered not only increases the player's payout multipliers but also gives them the option to continue their adventure by selecting more tiles, a random tile, or securing their profits by cashing out. However, uncovering a bomb results in the immediate end of the round, and the bet is lost.

Mines offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing players to personalize their gambling experience by adjusting the number of mines, utilizing the autobet feature, and cashing out at any moment, setting a new standard for online casino games!

BTC Mines Gameplay

Before starting a round of Mines, players decide on the amount they wish to bet and the number of mines hidden on the grid, which can range from 1 to 24 among the 25 available tiles. The game keeps the essence of the beloved Minesweeper, incorporating random placement of mines and gems, enriched with betting dynamics available for fiat, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Modifying the Number of Mines

The volatility and excitement of the gameplay are directly influenced by the number of mines chosen; more mines increase both the risk and the potential payouts. This feature allows players to tailor the game’s risk level to their preference and pursue higher rewards.

Cashout or Keep Mining

After successfully revealing gems without encountering mines, players enter a crucial phase. The betting interface updates to show the "Profit on Win" and "Total Profit," aiding players in making informed decisions whether to cash out their winnings or proceed in hopes of greater rewards.


BTC Mines Game

In 2008, a mysterious person or group going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created a digital currency called Bitcoin. It quickly gained popularity as a decentralized currency, free from any government or interference. Bitcoin is essentially a virtual currency that operates on a decentralized network of computers all around the world, using encryption techniques to secure transactions and verify the transfer of every funds.

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